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Questions To Ask Your Insurance Company

Check your wallet card for your group policy number and        personal identification number.

Questions you may wish to ask include:

  • Does my insurance plan cover psychological services provided by a registered psychologist?
  • Do I need a referral from a physician to qualify for coverage?
  • What percentage of the fee does the insurer cover? 
  • Have I already used up my coverage for this year? When does my coverage renew?
  • Can I spread out the costs of psychological services over two years? For example, by having sessions in December of one year, and more sessions in the following January?
  • Do I have hourly coverage or lump sum coverage? (for example, if I see the psychologist for a full day assessment will my plan cover the multiple hours spent with the psychologist [lump sum] or will my coverage only pay for one hour at a time with the psychologist even though there were 6 hours of service that day [hourly coverage]?) Does my insurance cover only one to one direct service, or are other psychological services such as report writing covered?