Online Counselling

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We all need to feel connected like we belong., whether we are neurotypical or on the spectrum.   RICHES is a drop-in online counselling group that is designed to help adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder develop and enhance those crucial social and communication skills required to develop meaningful relationships..  

Participants are from all over Canada.  The group is a skills-based drop-in format.  This safe space provides an excellent opportunity to practice social skills and form new friendships.

The video-conferencing platform is secure, PIPA/PIPEDA compliant, and very user friendly..

Please contact us for more details.  Groups are held every Thursday night at 7 pm MST.  Sessions are $60 each and can be reimbursed by most insurance providers or flexible spending accounts.


  • Relationship development
  • Inclusion
  • Communication skills
  • Harmony
  • Empowerment
  • Social Skills